There are no tips or tricks. It is up to you. Dedication and work will lead the way. In situations when there is uncertainty fear gets thrown into the mix. Let us look at losing weight, where there are a world and a half of claims to secret techniques and handed down by the gods themselves routines and diets. 

Track Everything

Essentially if something goes into your mouth it must be tracked, this also includes water. Sugary drinks and alcohol are pure cabs and probably not good for your type of diet. This can easily be done with an app, MyFitnessPal is easily the most popular one, it has a paid version, but there is no need to start with it.

Set a Calorie Goal

Simply put, put less energy (calories) into your body than the energy you use. Find out your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) to do this. I recommend this calculator. How much you want to go under your TDEE depends on how fast you want to lose weight. You can play with it to see where you are comfortable.

Change up your Macro Percentage

This is optional but very beneficial, not all calories are processed equally, noting how many calories are coming from carbs, fats, and protein topped with your exercise routine helps out a lot. For example, if you are doing weights, generally, you might want to take more calories from protein.

In the end, as I told you at the beginning, there is no secret. You must stick with it until you achieve your goals, then you reassess and correct as needed.

Image by Matt Buck

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