Those essential interactions make or break life and work. Relations build up, build down, go sideways. They get forgotten. We cease to nurture them and when we notice we have starved them to death.
Then every once in a while you hit gold and find one of those relations that just thinking about them brings a smile to your face. The ones where you catch up and it feels like you never lost touch. Like if time around it froze. I guess the best way to describe it is just magical.

Just like a plant or a pet, relationships need to be nurtured and in my opinion, need the following three things.

Dedicate Time and keep it positive

Five minutes a day can change the world. Keep tabs on what matters. Reach out, even if it just to say hi and keep it positive, try to

Attack the problem not the person

When you change this perspective, things change on a dime. Barriers get thrown out the window and a positive problem-solving aura starts to mist in.

Be honest and passionate

Fee like this should not be said, but then again, here it is as a title. Do this always, in everything you do.

Image by Jeevan Jose

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