February 2021


The over a hundered-year-old ingredient to breakfast cereal and your dad and grandparents favorite ice cream is going through a crisis. Do a huge field of produce come to mind when you think of a Grape-Nut? Well, most of the Grape-Nuts of the world come from a factory in San Joaquin Valley, a valley filled with nuts and grapes. The thing is… Neither of these ingredients enters the San Joaquin Valley factory.

There are three stances. Whether it is a project or a product… It might also apply to your life right now. Our dexterity to swiftly change stances might just be the difference between getting a hit and getting hit.

Picture yourself in a job interview and like usual they tell you something along these lines: “Our work schedule is from eight to five.” Then you think to yourself. Good, a solid eight-hour work schedule with a one-hour lunch break. Then the first week you notice people leave at six or seven. Even worse, in the corner office, the Vice President works twelve hours, it is even hard to imagine him or her fitting the same amount of work to eight hours. What is going on?

Economists are obsessed with watching how this line wiggles over time, in their words, it says a lot about the economy and where it is headed. Believably it has always predicted an economic recession without fail. So how does this work?

The explanation is mostly straightforward. If you buy a US treasury bond, which is considered to be the safest investment there is, you get interest paid back. The longer the note, the better the interest because there is a greater risk. So for Feb 2, 2021, it looks like this.

Do you ever come up with a great idea to innovate, to do something awesome and exciting we even have it all planned up in our head? Then you talk to the leadership about the project. You get the green light and start. It starts great then somewhere down the project you noticed that the 3-week project turned into 3 months. Then you find yourself asking “What happened?”

There are no tips or tricks. It is up to you. Dedication and work will lead the way. In situations when there is uncertainty fear gets thrown into the mix. Let us look at losing weight, where there are a world and a half of claims to secret techniques and handed down by the gods themselves routines and diets.