March 2021


Some people don’t get it. And that is all right. They do not have your vision, your experience, they are not in your position to see things. And that is all right. You draw, explain talk and in the end, it ends up three-fourths of the way of where you think it is optimal. And that is all right.

I am referring to the typical job that supports a family as we see in The Simpsons. Where one of the parents of the household supports a stay-at-home spouse, a suburban home, three children, two cars and a pet.

A while ago I wrote a post where I mentioned the video of Heart covering Stairway to Heaven and since then wanted to expand a bit more on the situation of the video. While the sound and everything around it is amazing, there is some context I need to fill in.

You probably never heard of him, until a couple of years neither did I. How come? He is the greatest sportsman of all time. The greatest there was and probably the greatest there ever will be. He is the closest to perfect that any player will probably achieve. If you round up his stats he is perfect.

Most people know who were are talking about when we say Michael Jordan. You could say he is even the best that ever touched the ball. In my book, the greatest have to have great adversity. Without this, they are not in a position to astonish. Oh, and Jordan had rivals all right. To the connoisseurs, the rivals were even inside the franchise. But that is probably a story for another occasion.