Most people know who were are talking about when we say Michael Jordan. You could say he is even the best that ever touched the ball. In my book, the greatest have to have great adversity. Without this, they are not in a position to astonish. Oh, and Jordan had rivals all right. To the connoisseurs, the rivals were even inside the franchise. But that is probably a story for another occasion.

If you around and ask about Michael’s rivals, you probably get a handful of different answers, with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Reggie Miller, Larry Bird, and Isiah Thomas being top on the list. In reality, it is quite difficult to place someone at the time in the same category as Michael.

It is hard to make a comparison with any of them since they played so differently and at different times. I guess if we could pick Isiah as his rivals since they had a very obvious hateful relationship (Stat-wise Isiah does not even come close). The one thing they had in common is that mid-late in their career they both understood that it was about the team, not the individuals, which only made both of them shine more. Of course, they did that in very different ways.

And you? What do you learn from your rival?

Image by Liam Davies

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