You probably never heard of him, until a couple of years neither did I. How come? He is the greatest sportsman of all time. The greatest there was and probably the greatest there ever will be. He is the closest to perfect that any player will probably achieve. If you round up his stats he is perfect.

As perfect as it gets

Donald Bradman was an Australian international cricket player who had a batting average of 99.94%. If you round that up, it hits 100%. This meant that every 1,000 times at bat he missed 6. He played at the highest level possible and outperformed every other player at batting. Without flair, stat-wise, he was the best at any sport ever.
How does this compare to other players? Well, take a look at the following graph showing the batting averages and you tell me.

This brings me to my question to you. In your work, in your life. What do you excel at? What are you best at (in the world, in your house, in your ecosystem)? If not…Are you even playing the right sport?

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, those are given. After that, we develop other skills (whether we know it or not), and some end as a jack of all trades, in the case of Donald Bradman, he polished one so much, that he is the closest to ever reach perfection.

Image by Allan Leonard

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