I am referring to the typical job that supports a family as we see in The Simpsons. Where one of the parents of the household supports a stay-at-home spouse, a suburban home, three children, two cars and a pet.

Where did all the jobs go? To the computer.

The traditional “job” disappeared. The manufacturing heavy economy is no longer the job of men, it is of the machine. We now either serve it (which is rare) or it serves you. The computer patiently measures and report, and people act upon it input and output.

This attributed to the tipping of the scales of powers upward, making the lower class have inequality.

The economy has turned to mass consumption and mass marketing and the households are seeing that their offspring are having a worsening living standard that they did. Millennials today are the majority workforce with a control of 8% of the purchasing power, while the baby boomers at their age controlled 25% of the economy.

Image by Roy Patrick Tan

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