Take these handy tips when coaching someone.

Be Curious Empathetic open question asking, it can be boiled down to asking “who, what, when, how and why” which leads to let the coachee lead, this is critical to the coachee, they can only make better choices if we are out of the way. That brings us to the last cornerstone.. coach the whole person, this is crucial in today’s world, where the life/work merge is thinner and thinner.

Source: Coaching and Developing Employees by Lisa Gates

Image by Hammerstein NWC

Coaching is that buzzword that gets thrown around between leaders and a badge worn by aristocratic employees when they chivalrously say with a puffed chest: “There goes my coach…”. In my past experiences coaching has ended several times to frustration, even though I knew I was making progress and building rapport. But I’m here on a positive note while smashing three myths in coaching.